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Find More Leads Online

Without Paying Outrageous Prices for Ads?


We specialize in growing your Local Roofing Business through social media, reputation management, mobile marketing, email marketing, and lead generation.

Would Getting 10, 20, or Even 50 Fresh Leads Per Month Make Your Business Grow?

Even if you could get just a few more leads online, but do it each and every week, your business would grow exponentially. It could generate more sales (and more dollars) for your business.

What's surprising is how INEXPENSIVE and EASY it is - once you get just a few things setup properly on the web for your business.

Don't waste money on expensive online ads, pay-per-click, yellow page ads, or print ads that don't target serious prospects. Instead, put your business right in front of new customer's eyes at the exact time they are searching for businesses like yours, at a fraction of the cost.


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We Create and Manage Your "Online Marketing Assets" ... So You Can Focus On Your New Customers

Right now, literally thousands of potential leads are searching online in your local area. Let's make sure they can find you when they search and that they choose you over your competitors.

If you have a good, solid business but just need more customers, we can develop the "online marketing assets" to help you capture those leads and grow your business.

And with our customized solutions, it may cost a lot less than you think. Best of all, you won't need to lift a finger. We do all the work.

You can't spend all of your time online. You need to run your business. So let us get your phone ringing by doing the online prospecting for you.


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Grow Your Business with These Tried-and-True Online Marketing Channels

If you are ready to grow your business, we can help you using the most cost-effective methods in online marketing

We specialize in the latest trends in tried-and-true marketing channels: social media management, reputation management, mobile marketing, email marketing, and cost-effective lead generation.

If you have a solid business, I can show you (in just a few minutes) how we can start finding and sending more online leads your way, for a lot less than you think.

P.S. We're sorry, but we are not working with "start-ups" at this time. You'll need to have a solid business that's ready to grow, with the capacity to handle an influx of new leads and customers.


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About Roofer Watch

Roofer Watch specializes in growing your business through cost-effective methods such as social  media, reputation management, mobile marketing, email marketing and lead generation. We help you develop "online marketing assets" to help you capture those leads and sales, and to grow your business.

Al Simon is owner and chief strategist of Roofer Watch.

Al started out as a systems engineer, developing software for manufacturing, accounting, and telecommunications. He developed his first website in 1995, eventually becoming a co-inventor of 11 U.S. patents for internet technology.

In 2001, Al transitioned to being a business consultant and direct marketer. He has offered products and services to end consumers and to small business owners. His most successful niche product to date has reached $954K in sales. The entire marketing, sales, and delivery process was completely automated from start to finish.

Having experience as an engineer, a business owner, and a marketer, Al has a unique perspective on what it takes to promote and run a successful small business.

He started Roofer Watch to combine both his technical and marketing skills with his enthusiasm for local businesses and online marketing.


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Al Simon, Chief Strategist



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